Saturday, January 25, 2014

Derrick Coleman Receives Special Encouragement before Super Bowl

Derrick Coleman, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, encouraged an audience of elementary, middle, and high school students to pursue their dreams. The students face the same challenges Coleman faces. They have hearing challenges. But being hard-of hearing has not stopped Coleman. In fact, he has been empowered by negativity. It has been an opportunity for him to prove the naysayers wrong.

Although Coleman has inspired children all over the country, he is not beyond receiving inspiration from unexpected sources--two 9-year old sisters. "Just try your best. I have faith in you Derrick," wrote Riley in a letter to Coleman when she and her sister learned of his hearing challenge. The sisters' father used social networking to publish the letter. When Coleman discovered the letter, he replied. He maintained that they can achieve their goals in the face of their hearing challenges.

What dreams have you realized? Who inspired you? How have you inspired someone? This is the story in you. Share it.


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