Friday, January 10, 2014

Inspiration is a Gift

Judge Lauren Lake is a daddy’s girl. Her daddy shaped her expectations for what she wanted in a husband, and his love for family, excellence, adventure, and learning—from the valley to the mountaintop--is a constant inspiration to her.

I am also a daddy’s girl. One of Daddy’s greatest inspirations to me was his giving. He loved to give to others. Daddy knew all the special places around metro Detroit: bakeries, restaurants, and markets. On warm, summer Saturday evenings, he was a frequent visitor of the Eastern Market. He bought beautiful flowering plants that he gave to family members and neighbors. He designated each plant to a particular person.

If you happened to be a frequent visitor in his home, you knew that you couldn't leave without him giving you something, even if it were just a potato. When my daughter, who is now an independent college graduate and career woman, was in kindergarten, we visited my parents one day after I picked her up from school. As we prepared to get out of the car, she asked, “Should I take in my book bag for all the things they are going to give us?”
This let me know that at five years old, she could recognize a giver.

I am a now a giver. I have come to realize the immense joy in this simple act. It’s the smile that it produces on the face of the one who receives. I recently learned that a smile is like medicine, even a fake one.

Are you a Daddy’s Girl? Are you a Mama’s Boy? Or did someone else influence you? This is the story in you. Share it.

The Memory Keepers’ Daughter,

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