Monday, January 6, 2014

Memories: The Story in You

A pearl is an exquisite gem with an origin of intrigue. A paltry intruder stealthily gains entrance, becomes a nuisance, and is transformed into an element of beauty.

Death was the intruder in my life, stealing away my parents within just three months of each other. Nevertheless, a pearl was formed from this intrusion: a realization of the importance of sharing our stories.

I was blessed with two wonderful parents, and I treasure their stories of old—their childhood experiences, teenage challenges, and adult accomplishments. But now they are memory keepers, and I am their daughter—the memory keepers’ daughter. My pearl—The Story in You—is all about encouraging you to be a memory giver.

Tell us about the time you learned a great lesson, a time someone inspired you, or a time you were strong. Tell us about your love story and your hate story. Tell us about the time you suffered a great loss, a time you felt confused, and a time you had an epiphany. Tell us about the paths you traveled and the paths you hope to travel no more. Tell us how you were interrupted or why you wished someone had interrupted you.

Whatever is on your mind and in your heart, this is the story in you. Be a memory giver. Share it.

The Memory Keepers’ Daughter,

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  1. The inner work of our lives is aided by your prompts. Thank you, Domonique. I met you last week at the American Association of University Women.