Saturday, March 8, 2014

Learning a Valuable Lesson Part III

In retrospect, we often feel embarrassed or guilty because we did or did not do something.  

Why didn’t I think about this then? 
Why didn’t I know better? 
How could I let this happen?

But retrospection is the act of looking at what occurred in the past. Our perspective is greater because we can see the connection between the cause (our actions) and the effect (what happened as a result of our actions). At the time of the experience, our knowledge is limited. We do not always know what the effects of our actions will be. We can only speculate, and many times, our speculation is limited.

When we complete our analysis of a situation in
retrospect, to move forward, we have to forgive ourselves.

  • Admit you did your best at the time.
  • Admit your best was not enough.
  • Or admit you did not do your best at the time.
  • Agree that you are allowed to make mistakes.
  • Determine to do better if confronted with the same situation in the future.

Remember, the front windshield of a car is far greater in size than the rear view mirror. So, keep looking forward.

Write about your troubling experience, and place in a worry box. Then move forward. Use your rear view mirror only occasionally, but never let it hinder where you will go in the future.

How will you put the past behind you? This is the story in you. Share it.


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