Thursday, April 3, 2014

Am I my Brother's Keeper? Part I

I was dismayed by the recent news of a mummified woman’s body found in a garage. For over five years, her body was nestled in the back seat of a car in that garage. The woman is believed to be the homeowner, but DNA results have yet to be made public. If this was the homeowner, many questions arise: Why didn’t neighbors notice she had disappeared? If this isn't the homeowner, then who is it? Where is the homeowner? Even though the homeowner traveled extensively and a neighbor cut her grass and shoveled her snow, no one seemed to be troubled by her absence.

Am I my brother’s keeper?

I will be now. Each time I walk outside my door, I will take a few seconds to be more observant. Did Mr. Johnson walk his dog today? If I see children waiting for the school bus or playing in the yard, I will take a few seconds to look around to see if there is anything suspicious. Maybe I can keep them from harm’s way.

I was a college student when I took my first plane ride to California to see the Rose Bowl parade and football game. It was decades ago when meals were included in the plane fare, but because I didn’t know the meals and soft drinks were included, I declined them. "I wanted to save as much money as I could for site-seeing and souvenirs," I told myself. So, because of my lack of knowledge, I did not reap all the benefits of that plane fare.

We may not be reaping important benefits if we fail to make personal connections with other people.  Having many good friends may increase our lifespans by about 20%. Surprisingly, Giles (as cited in WebMD, 2005-2014) found that our close relationships with family members may not have the same effect on our lifespans. Instead, it is the close relationships we have outside our families that provide us with additional reinforcement that nourishes our self-worth and adds years to our lives.

Am I my brother’s keeper? Your brother may be your keeper.

How have your friends impacted your life? This is the story in you. Share it.


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