Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday: It's Good for You, 9/11/2014

With thousands of people participating in the social media trend #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT), over 100 million photos have been posted. It's the practice of sharing old photographs, lyrics, and links to songs along with the memories behind them. It has taken Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like by storm.

Have you joined in the fun yet?
You should join in the fun because nostalgia has benefits. Pondering over fond memories makes you feel better. Take a soothing bath in those times when you felt happy, protected, and loved. According to Hepper, Ritchie, Sedkikdes, and Wildschut (2012), the strength you gain from these positive memories can  have the following effect:
  • improve your self-concept
  • boost your mood
  • feel accepted
  • help you make connections between the then and the now
You can conjure up fond memories by looking at old photos, listening to old songs, smelling an aroma, touching an object, and/or tasting a food item or drink. 

Participating in #TBT is easy:
Participating in #TBT is easier than you think. 

  • Select a picture that was taken at least five years ago (one associated with fond memories)
  • Post it on your favorite social media site
  • Write a brief description of the nostalgic memory
Note that social media is not the only way to participate in #TBT. Start a #TBT scrapbook. Each Thursday, select an old photo that generates fond memories. Insert the photo into a scrapbook (make it or buy it). Then write about the fond memories centered around the photo. Before you know it, you'll have completed the scrapbook.

This picture of my daughter’s first book bag generates fond memories. I still keep the book bag safely tucked away in my bottom dresser drawer. I bought it for her just before she began kindergarten. Now, she is a grown woman. Not only does the book bag remind me of her first day of school, but it also reminds me of what a giving family I have.   

One crisp autumn day, over 20 years ago, I picked up my daughter from elementary school. It was a special day because I was taking her and my son, who was 2 years old at the time, to visit my parents. When we arrived at my parents’ home, my daughter asked, “Should I bring in my book bag for all the things they’re going to give us?” You see, almost every time we would visit, my parents would give us something whether we needed it or not. If Daddy bought a bag of potatoes, he would give us a few. If Mama went to a boutique, she would buy trinkets for everybody. And Daddy always had extra flowers to give away. 

Giving is generational in my family. My grandparents were like that, and I also remember one of my grandmothers telling me how her father shipped boxes of maple syrup and corn from his Tennessee farm to her family in Detroit. Thinking about this makes me feel happy.

What fond memories do you have when you look at one of your old photos? This is the story in you. Share it.

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