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Throwback Thursday: It's Good for You, 11/20/14

What to do with Your Child's Artwork

With thousands of people participating in the social media trend #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT), over 100 million photos have been posted. It's the practice of sharing old photographs, lyrics, and links to songs along with the memories behind them. It has taken Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like by storm.

Have you joined in the fun yet?
You should join in the fun because nostalgia has benefits. Pondering over fond memories makes you feel better. Take a soothing bath in those times when you felt happy, protected, and loved. According to Hepper, Ritchie, Sedkikdes, and Wildschut (2012), the strength you gain from these positive memories can  have the following effect:
  • improve your self-concept
  • boost your mood
  • feel accepted
  • help you make connections between the then and the now
You can conjure up fond memories by looking at old photos, listening to old songs, smelling an aroma, touching an object, and/or tasting a food item or drink. 

Participating in #TBT is easy:
Participating in #TBT is easier than you think. 
  • Select a picture that was taken at least five years ago (one associated with fond memories).
  • Post it on your favorite social media site.
  • Write a brief description of the nostalgic memory.
Note that social media is not the only way to participate in #TBT. Start a #TBT scrapbook. Each Thursday, select an old photo that generates fond memories. Insert the photo into a scrapbook (make it or buy it). Then write about the fond memories centered around the photo. Before you know it, you'll have completed the scrapbook.


This is a picture of my son’s artwork that he made in elementary school.
(He is a grown man now.) I was going through some boxes to see if I could de-clutter a bit when I found this. I have a box I titled Mama’s Treasures. It holds my daughter and son’s artwork from early childhood to teen years — things they made in and out of school.

We used to have a large plastic bin we called the craft box. I stored scraps of fabric, glue, sparkles, beads, markers, paper, and the like. And they used the items all the time to make things -- on rainy and sunny days.

Anyway, for this art piece – a crayon and wax technique -- I bought an elegant-looking frame and framed it. This is a great alternative to being tucked away in a box or being thrown out. It looks perfect in his old bedroom — a room I re-purposed after he moved out on his own. When I pass by his old room, the picture brings back fond memories of my daughter and son creating masterpieces with their busy little hands. These masterpieces were displayed on the refrigerator door and were retired into the Mama’s Treasures box, only to be displayed again in elegant-looking frames.

What fond memories do you have of busy little hands?

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