Friday, March 20, 2015

Forget-Me-Not Friday: Memoir Writing Prompt

Sharing your memories is important so you are not forgotten. You have thoughts, feelings, opinions, experiences, and lessons that are valuable to others. I like to refer to these as your forget-me-nots. It reminds me of the German legend of the forget-me-not flowers (McGrath, n.d.). 

This is my version:
Once upon antiquity, in a faraway land, a knight sat at the edge of the Danube River. Dressed in armor from head to toe, he was unbreakable, but his heart was soft for the love of his life. His thoughts were focused on her gentle beauty and sweet kindness. Then the soft blue wildflowers that grew along the Danube caught his attention. He decided to pick a fistful for this maiden for whom he was smitten. The flowers were blue skies, each crowned with an amber star. He eyed a long, limp reed in the shallow of the water, so he stepped in the water to fetch his find. 

Suddenly, the heavens drew its shade. That made the wind angry, so it tiptoed behind the knight, grumbling and whispering its intent. As the knight bound the stems of the blue flowers with the reed, the wind grew wild and loud—so wild that it thrust the knight into the deep of the Danube. The knight fought the wind and the water to stay afloat. His metal fists held the bouquet ever so tightly.

The knight continued to fight the wind and the water, but his strength could not save him.

The knight continued to fight the wind and the water, but his courage could not save him.

The knight continued to fight the wind and the water, but his love for his maiden could not save him.

Just as he took his last breath, he saw his lovely maiden in the midst of the storm. He mustered enough strength to toss the bouquet to her and gasp, “Forget me not.”

From that day forward, these blue flowers--little blue skies, each crowned with an amber star-- have been known as forget-me-nots. People all over the world cherish these little flowers in remembrance of their loved ones whether they are away temporarily or have transitioned from life to death.

A flower is “the blossom of a plant” (, para. 1), and we have all had blossoms in our lives. These are our forget-me-nots—little blue skies, each crowned with an amber star. Because you are unique, extraordinary, and one of a kind, it is worth sharing your forget-me-nots.


Today's writing promptWhen you think of the color blue, what comes to your mind and why?

My writing prompt response:

When I think of the color blue, the following things come to mind:
  • Sky
  • A chair I once bought for my family room
  • A label for the feeling of sadness
  • Navy blue shoes I bought at Jacobson’s
  • Blue jeans
  • Sapphires
  • Morning glories
These are all blue things that I have seen, heard of, or experienced. Of all these blue things, to me, the most intriguing blue thing is the sky. The sky is an infinite entity filled with unknown mysteries, which can be a bit scary while flying in an airplane. As the plane’s nose dauntlessly penetrates the sky, it is oblivious to the unknown secrets the sky veils from it. In contrast, when my feet are grounded, the sky is soothing. It reminds me of possibilities and hope. This is as soothing as a loving hug with that added bonus of a gentle rub of the hand on the back before the release. The sky is also inviting, so I accepted. And here I am . . . floating . . . floating under the gentle command of its wind

When you think of the color blue, what comes to your mind and why? This is the story in you. Share it.


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