Monday, March 7, 2016

It's Time to Lose the Weight: It's Time to Spring into Shape

Losing weight is easier when you're motivated. So, here's a good way to motivate yourself. When a person is sedentary, the cells send messages to the body to inform it that death may be near. This overrides age. The body doesn't care if the person is 25 or 95. It only knows that the body is not moving very much. So, the end must be near because people who move very little are near death. Right? Well, that’s what the body believes. And the pancreas can be eager to follow suit, which is why a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to diabetes. 

If you've been sedentary, even for a season, it's time to let your body know you are alive. 

Just like spring gives winter the boot, give negative thinking the boot. Negative thoughts can keep you from achieving your goal. Train yourself to download negative thoughts and upload positive thoughts. You are simply replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. This takes diligence and patience because you are going to war with your mind. Don’t be upset if you lose a few battles. The important thing is to win the war with this one.

Replace your negative thoughts with an action plan and an I can do it attitude. Set a goal: losing a certain amount of weight, strengthening muscles, and/or just making your internal organs healthy. Figure out a realistic way to achieve your goal, and check on your progress from time-to-time.

Move your body enough to signal to your cells that you are alive. That means getting your heart rate up.
  • If you can walk, that is good.
  • If you can jog, that is better.
  • If you can run, that is best.

But partner with your health care professional to determine a safe mode of movement for you.

You have to start somewhere, so I recommend you begin by walking. Then work yourself up to short intervals of jogging or running. Walking outdoors affords you the opportunity to enjoy the world around you. It’s addictive. When I started walking/jogging/running, I couldn't stop, even in the winter. I found a park that has regularly shoveled and salted sidewalks. What keeps me going back is the peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, the impromptu relay races among the deer and the dramatic recitals of song birds are precious moments. Being outdoors gives you access to these precious moments. Look up. Look down. Look all around. Make yourself aware of what is there. Some people call this mindfulness—being in the moment. Recently, when I was jogging, I noticed tiny little mounds on the ground. As I walked closer I could see that they were bees' nests. I never would have noticed them if I had not begun to practice mindfulness.

Shhhh. Quiet now. What do you hear? Close your eyes and listen.
On my last trip to the park, I enjoyed the sound of rushing water. Being mindful of the water made me feel relaxed and refreshed.

Spring is synonymous to new life, so generate new life in you. 

How will you signal to your cells that you are alive? This is the story in you. Share it.


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