Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving: Simply Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is easy: Simply give thanks.

When I used to think of Thanksgiving, I used to think of family gatherings with turkey, macaroni and cheese, greens, and sweet potato pie. But all that changed a few years ago. As I began to prepare my Thanksgiving meal the day before Thanksgiving, I felt a chill gently tap me on my shoulder. As I continued the meal preparation, I even thought I saw the formation of a faint cloud as I exhaled. 

Within the hour, frigid cold shoved polite chill out of the way. And I realized it was time to check the thermostat. That’s when I discovered the furnace was no longer working. 

We were having guests for Thanksgiving the next day, but rather than cancel the dinner, we decided to use the fireplace in the family room and have our guests gather together in that room.

It worked out well. Very few people knew we did not have a working furnace. With the oven going in the kitchen, a diligently manned fire blazing in the family room, and the familial love we had in our hearts, no one complained about being cold.

The following day we called a furnace repair company, which had a domino effect -- a call to a second furnace repair company and then a call to a third furnace repair company. But the verdict was the same. We needed a new furnace. My husband and I were upset that we were faced with this unexpected expense.

Eventually, we made our selection. It was a tough job trying to choose a dependable yet affordable unit, but we did it. The following Monday the workers arrived. The clinking, clanging, and banging drowned out the jargon-laden dialogue between the workers. This went on for quite a while until it became quiet. One-by-one the workers had left the basement to congregate in an area outside. They confirmed what one worker had suspected: the smell of gas. They made an urgent plea for us to call the gas company. Subsequently, we were notified we had a gas leak—a serious gas leak that involved a backhoe, a gas crew, and a new underground gas line.

Well, our anger over having to purchase a new furnace was replaced with feelings of thanksgiving. We had been spared the devastating consequences of having a serious gas leak. We were thankful we still had our lives, and we were thankful we still had our home. I believe in prayer. I pray daily. A portion of my prayer focuses on my family's protection. That prayer had been answered. We were protected from the devastating consequences of a gas leak. The cost involved in the purchase and installation of a furnace was microscopic compared to priceless things we could have lost.

So this Thanksgiving, as I give thanks for all the things for which I am thankful—family, health, protection, wisdom, good memories, emotional well-being, education, career, and the like--I also give thanks for the time our furnace stopped working. It led to the discovery of a problem that we were able to get fixed before something terrible happened.

Today, thousands of people will prepare delicious gourmet and soul food meals. And the preparation probably began days ago. It did for me. But don't forget the main point, which is an easy one: Simply give thanks. Give thanks not only for what you have but also for how you were able to have it.

For what are you thankful? This is the story in you. Share it.

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